People lives are on line! Help!

Submitted by MenoraNotMagenDavid in Privacy

Is Telegram safe way of communication about illegal things? Can the goverment read my messages on Telegram? Can they trace me? If not,what is the alternative? If I upload a video to YouTube through Tor can they trace me? And same about Facebook,If Im using to Tor to open account and upload video/post,can they trace me?

Please help! People lives are on line. I need a guidance...




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Bezotcovschina wrote

If I remember correctly, Telegram CEO said he will cooperate with special services (with a notable exception for FSB, thankfully) if it's about terrorism cases. Also, there is a lot of concern articles about Telegram security, if you search web for "Telegram security flaws". I wouldn't be super afraid of using it for mild-ish stuff, though. For extra security, I would get an anonimous SIM card (physical one, NOT from on-line SIM card services!) to create a Telegram account, and then dump that card.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Anything can be traced if it goes over the public internet, intelligence agencies and law enforcement monitor all data that goes over the major wires in real time and share the data internationally with their coworkers. it's about degrees of safety and your threat model, not a foolproof solution.

As far as telegram goes, I would use Jami/Ring instead- peer to peer, much safer and less trackable.

If you are uploading youtube videos or using fedbook, I would keep in mind that javascript is forced to be enabled to use these services (which are also very surveilled by dozens of countries' law enforcement). Javascript can basically doxx you with location/timestamps/looking at whats on your computer/other bad stuff, regardless of whether you're on tor, VPN, or just connecting straight through on public wifi. FB will also flag your account if you open it through tor, and ask for a government issued ID, which will delay you and necessitate the creation of a convincing fake/image thereof.

Better bet is to use a VPN, a linux operating system live USB, a specific browser you only use with that vpn, and hope for the best-- the capabilities of the state are very powerful and unknown to us for the most part.