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transtifa wrote

Trusting a browser to keep you safe is just too much. Whonix is a thing for a reason.


avbeav wrote

Whonix is a thing for a reason.

Is that not entirely unrelated to this issue?

Surely Tor Browser would be just as able to run JavaScript under Whonix as under another OS, right?


madeinchaos OP wrote

That's correct, Whonix is as vulnerable as any OS.

The point raised about layered security is valid. It's unwise to rely on a single point of failure which is why I strongy recommend Tails and Qubes-Whonix. The reason I shared this link, however, is to alert those using Tor Browser of the vulnerability.


celebratedrecluse wrote

This will be fixed in the next release of TAILS, which means TBB may be patching this as well. Anybody got sauce on that?