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celebratedrecluse wrote

Meanwhile, prosecutors build lucrative careers acting “tough on crime.” They lock up people who’ve been pressured to take deals, pulling them out of their jobs and families, which has a ripple effect in their communities, undermining public safety.

Oh, prosecutors like Kamala Harris, who you inexplicably invited to your panel?



hasbrochem wrote

"Hopefully the lawsuit will bring about change at the prison and force the state to provide these women with a basic level of humane conditions," said the plaintiffs' attorney Jonathan R. Marko of Detroit. "We don't expect a prison to be an idyllic retreat, but we as a society should not be subjecting our citizens to medieval dungeon-like conditions. "

unless of course you happen to be rich and are convicted of a white collar crime, then we'll literally send you to a country club and put you on house arrest.