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martasultan wrote

sure rape is bad

This is something of an... understatement.

automatic death sentance seems harsh

Perhaps, then, don't rape a kid. That's a major fuckin' no-no.

also what about false accusations of crime?

I had assumed any proposed punishment was for those confirmed to have committed such. Generally I oppose punishment before that.


crimpsonchin wrote

evidence can be faked well keep in mind. Just look at how messed up the justice system now is.

Also you ignore that chemical castration CAN cure rapists.


ziq wrote

That's not true. Most rapists get off on power; chemical castration doesn't stop them from wanting to hurt people. It just stops them from getting erections.


martasultan wrote

Chemical castration only works if they stick to the drugs- they'll go right back to however they were before after, with maybe some side effects to fuck them up. That's not a solution feasible without an officer forcing them to keep the regime on.