Bummer that prisoner support isn't more of a thing here

Submitted by anarchistfund in Prisons

As a recent subscriber, i find it interesting that in the sidebar here it says:

"At some stage it would be worthwhile to start a f/prisoner_support and an f/Anarchist_Black_Cross"

Raddle bills itself as a a radical leftwing alternative to reddit, yet still prisoner support, which should be a fundamental part of any revolutionary struggle, appears to be sidelined. Strange how that goes. The prisoner support subreddits are also painfully quiet.

This isn't meant as an attack on raddle by the way, just an observation...



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ziq wrote

You've gotta remember, raddle is whatever we make it. If you notice something is lacking, no one but you can make it better. We're all volunteers and there aren't enough of us to devote time to building up every forum on the site. There are really just a handful of us contributing 99% of the content and starting conversations.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I wrote that. I'm interested in prisoner support, but sharing information about it would dox me.

Given that it's an anarchistic space, the obvious solution would be for you to work on it and other things you find important yourself. It's a bummer for everyone that there isn't a thriving prisoner support forum.

Those of us invested in the space are doing what we can with the focuses that come organically to us.

If you'd like to co-mod f/Prisons or start the other forums you would be welcome.


ziq wrote

Prisons are something I've also been deeply affected by personally, but it's also an issue that's very region-specific - it's likely to be a very US-centric forum if it ever takes off, which is a shame.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Well if u/anarchistfund is related to these people:

Then potentially there could be a kind of international support system set up?

u/anarchistfund, would you tell us more about you?


anarchistfund OP wrote


Worldwide the forces of repression are cracking down on anarchists. In the summer of 2017 a few activists discussed the idea of creating an International Anarchist Defence Fund (A-Fund) and today it’s finally in action.

Our collective support structure provides support to anarchists around the world who are persecuted or find themselves in a difficult life situation because of their political ideas or activities.

We are very much different from other solidarity structures in the way that we offer direct involvement into distribution of funds instead of usual charity-style solidarity. The Anarchist Defence Fund incorporates the model of solidarity introduced by the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.

We think it’s important to organise something like the international A-Fund because it’s a very easy and successful way of informing people about repressions and involving them into direct financial support and solidarity. There are not enough ABC (Anarchist Black Cross) groups in the world where people can ask for support, and most local groups have a lot of pressure, if the context is highly repressive or if the movement is really small and lack funds to support local anarchists. With the Fund, they have easy access to international finance from anywhere.

We are a collective structure because anyone who makes an annual donation of $20U.S./€20/£15 can join the decision-making body that determines if a certain request is supported by the Fund. Decisions are taken online by consensus, or by a simple majority vote if consensus is not possible.

Join us in the struggle for a better world and supporting comrades who strive for the same goals! You can donate to the Fund and become part of the decision-making crew, or even join the collective which is keeping the whole structure going. Donations will help us a lot especially now that we are just starting. We are welcoming any attempts to collect money for the fund in places you live by organising benefits or other means necessary.

We are also already open for requests for support, though you should not expect the support to be substantial until we are able to build a strong base of donors.

Until all are free!


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Interesting, yes I'd heard of the A-fund on many occasions - glad to hear now also that it's up and running.

I recommend you make a post in f/lobby introducing yourself and what you do, adding a couple relevant links etc.

I have more questions I could address to you there, including asking what your specific relation to the fund is.


anarchistfund OP wrote

hiya thanks for the reply, well the issue which i was trying to discuss and which people arent really engaging with except to give a kneejerk response is that prisoner support never seems to be a popular thing, especially not on reddit actually.. and disappointingly it seems the same here, so i am not really sure if it is worth pursuing.. thanks for the offer though, i will see how it goes for a bit first i think


Tequila_Wolf wrote

We probably only have about 25 regulars on this site, so it's a bit unrealistic to expect a developed prisoner support system unless there are specific individuals dedicating their energy to it. As things stand the only projects we have are raddle itself and perhaps our readingclub, which I consider generally foundational to any future projects.

If you do prisoner support work as a focuse elsewhere, it shouldn't be too hard to keep up a prisoner support space here also, posting relevant links and hosting discussions towards action.