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anarchistfund OP wrote

hiya thanks for the reply, well the issue which i was trying to discuss and which people arent really engaging with except to give a kneejerk response is that prisoner support never seems to be a popular thing, especially not on reddit actually.. and disappointingly it seems the same here, so i am not really sure if it is worth pursuing.. thanks for the offer though, i will see how it goes for a bit first i think


Tequila_Wolf wrote

We probably only have about 25 regulars on this site, so it's a bit unrealistic to expect a developed prisoner support system unless there are specific individuals dedicating their energy to it. As things stand the only projects we have are raddle itself and perhaps our readingclub, which I consider generally foundational to any future projects.

If you do prisoner support work as a focuse elsewhere, it shouldn't be too hard to keep up a prisoner support space here also, posting relevant links and hosting discussions towards action.