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md_ wrote (edited )

And it's kind of our job to curate

I don't know why there's this sense of obligation. People are free to choose what they read and what they skip. I don't read all posts that show up in my RSS reader for example.

I understand that I have a very different use for forums with link posts than other people, and as long as /new is kept, I am not that affected by the changes (other than having to see people get hurt by the psychological effects of being rated by their peers, which makes me skip coming to Raddle for a week at a time, because it's hard to watch).

But yeah, for me Raddle, and Reddit in the past, are discussion boards. From time to time you discover a new blog someone links in a forum post, but that's not the main function of a forum imv. If curating went away, the downvote anxiety attacks would go away, and discussions will improve.