405 error when voting with JavaScript disabled

Submitted by jorgesumle in Postmill (edited )

~The GitLab issue tracker doesn't let me register the issue because of https://raddle.me/f/freeAsInFreedom/30640/let-gitlab-know-we-are-against-google-recaptchas~

EDIT: Issue reported

See bug video. I guess GitLab thought the GIF was spam, so I uploaded it to coinsh.red to avoid being blocked by Google reCAPTCHA.

I think this could be a regression from commit https://gitlab.com/edgyemma/Postmill/commit/42b29a77c21aaa21a210a1c1e3092b4cbef1c368


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sudo wrote

I'm still able to vote with Javascript disabled.


sudo wrote

Strange. I've tried fiddling around with the user settings to see if any of those could cause it, but I still can't replicate it. Response code 405 means the user tried to request a resource using the wrong HTTP verb (like a GET request when only a POST request is allowed, or vice versa). Not sure why that would be happening.