New official support forums for Postmill + announcement about Postmill's future community.postmill.xyz

Submitted by emma in Postmill

Because I no longer check this place, I've set up a new Postmill instance for community support that I will check in on. It lives at community.postmill.xyz. One day I might decide to extend it beyond support forums, but it will not be a Raddle clone.

Issues and feature requests go on the issue tracker as usual.

In other news, I've decided to continue development of Postmill, but Raddle will no longer be its primary consumer. Instead, I will work towards realising my vision of what an online community should be. This might alienate some people, but I hope the end result will be worthwhile.


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Fossidarity wrote (edited )

I was very sad to hear that you left Raddle and discontinued Postmill's development, Raddle has been one of the few online communities that I feel it's worth participating in. I felt it would be the end of Raddle. So I'm quite happy to hear that you are continuing support and development on Postmill. Thanks a thousand times for setting up this awesome community based on your awesome (libre!) software!


dele_ted wrote

That's awesome, hope to see Postmill expand beyond Raddle some day. It holds a lot of potential.