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WindTalk OP wrote (edited )

Well, I was hoping to draw some help on this, and with emma's public departure and deletion of some technical info here... I may not continue this effort.

I do not know PHP and any of the PHP framework systems being used. But I can say from decades of experience: emma's code is very well structured and readable. As open source code goes, it's great, and in many ways I find it superior to the demo code that the Symfony project publishes! Emma has a great talent for organic growth of code, and her commit history shows a great ability to build up a functional app where basics are important. Emma also shows a regularity of motivation and contribution to the project.

I come from very very old social media, like 1980's social media, and I can say that the current Internet has a real problem drawing mom-and-pop cottage-operators for forums. I think Postmill is incredibly powerful and cheap to operate for a few thousand active users - and it emotionally bothers me how many users on reddit won't pick it up and go start their own independently operated/admin sites built around various topics. I just don't get why people can't see the problem of so much power concentrated in owners who care more about the brand and count of users.

The features of Postmill are good enough for most purposes, and feature wish lists aren't important. But emma clearly has made the code clean and able to be expanded by other developers... and there has to be experienced PHP people out there would be willing to make contributions.

Anyway, I'm not in the position to contribute good code on basic features. My hacking motives were motivated by some other projects I have, I was hoping to coattail on a project that was so cleanly coded and would attract a couple active developers. I still hope for that, as I really think Postmill's server efficiency and clean simplicity should encourage more small-time site operators.

In any event, if I have not made clear enough: Thank you emma.