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WindTalk OP wrote

So, where I'm stuck...

The templates/admin/blog/new.html.twig and other files are not showing any of the output in the "block main" section. However, if I copy the form code over to the "block sidebar" section (the right sidebar), it does show up.

Not sure how to resolve this conflict between the two apps and their output conventions.


WindTalk OP wrote

I brought in the base Twig template, but ran into troubles

Postmill and the Demo Blog app both use a src/Twig/AppExtension.php - and It isn't clear to me how to integrate them. The config/services.yaml for the Demo Blog app has 3 binding references that Postmill does not normally use, but I've been unable to figure out how to make those bindings work. templates/base.html.twig loops through the locales() function - and without those bindings working - it fails.