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stolen_reddit_comment wrote

Sorry if that was a bit long and rambly but I wanted to recall every detail, especially now that he's dead.

I forgot to mention some other things too. He did talk about the trans woman who punched Bob Black and made some comments that sounded a bit odd ("Bob was attacked by someone with a male body").

Also right before I left he offered me an internship where I could work for some low number of hours each week (I want to say 20 hours) at Little Black Cart (LBC) helping them print books and I would be given free rent in the Bay Area to live with a bunch of anarchists (but they wouldn't be paying me any money). I asked about food and other necessities and he said it is best to bring some saved money but that I could eat a lot of free meals from the local Food Not Bombs lmao. Aragorn! mentioned some accounts about how it was really fun getting to spend time with a ton of wild anarchists in the Bay Area and I was pretty honored by his offer and was seriously considering it. I even formulated a plan to write a joke text about my experiences having Aragorn! as a sort of boss that I planned on titling "Against LBC, Against Argorn!" since it vaguely rhymes with Perlman's "Against History, Against Leviathan".

Ultimately I never ended up going and much later I heard people mention that it was a bit of a scam and apparently Aragorn! offered this internship to a LOT of people.