Asking people to question why they downvote glorious postleft memes = VICTIM blaming raddle.me

Submitted by ziq in PostLeftAnarchism

This sums up everything that's wrong with stagnant leftist politics. Everyone has to be separated into:




That's it. That's their entire worldview.

The VICTIMS have their insular little clubs where they spend all day shaking their little pink fists at the VILLAINS.

And every so often, they choose a human sacrifice from within their club to cast as a VILLAIN so they can continue their cathartic little ritual unabated. It's kinda like the Highlander movies, in the end, there can only be one pure moral leftist still standing.


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Jules wrote

ziq, my post-leftist anti-civ OG...

just get out while you still can. this place is like a sinking ship, and you can be a naive human or a clever rat when it comes to sinking ships. this isn't a lively community, this is a moribund platform, where about one dozen active members squabble over inflammatory memes and hate each others guts. find someplace decent and friendly to be, i have some discord servers i can link you, but for your own sake just get out. it's not worth the effort.


ziq wrote

The cleverest rat stays on board until all the humans have drowned so it can eat their delicious corpses.


Jules wrote

mate, please


ziq wrote (edited )

seriously, not standing my ground isn't in my nature. I never expected raddle people to be nice; because people have always been shitty to me. This is nothing. The seething hatred from all corners is educational more than anything.