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closed wrote

I'm not sure exactly what post-left anarchism is, nor do I care, but I appreciate and essentially agree with this article.


PerfectSociety wrote

Post-Left Anarchy is about refocusing on the fact that Anarchism is Praxis centered on maximizing individual autonomy. That it is Praxis - as opposed to organizationalism, formalized planning, or utopian theorizing - that shapes the world into what we want. We critique structure, democracy, formalities, ideology, morality, etc... We aren't afraid of chaos. Max Stirner is arguably the most popular philosopher to be read by Post-Left Anarchists. Egoist Anarchism and Post-Left Anarchy related, though Post-Leftists emphasize a break from ideological allegiances altogether (we don't argue over support for Anarcho-Communism vs. Collectivist Anarchism vs. Mutualism). One could say that Post-Left Anarchists are Egoist Anarchists, but not all Egoist Anarchists are Post-Left Anarchists. That's just a very brief intro and I'm most certainly missing a lot that's important about Post-Left Anarchism so I encourage you to explore it some more on your own as well (if you are interested).