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mike425mobile wrote

I'm a Bernie supporting atheist, and one of those protection orders was used on me by politically motivated conservative christians, last year. They are absurdly easy to grant with zero vetting process by the court. I'm urging Bernie and my democratic "representatives" to not support the current bills in the House, extended POs among them. They fix nothing while trampling rights.


southerntofu OP wrote

Hey i don't have any ties to these people i'm not even from Africa. I just stumbled upon this article and thought it would find its place here with the many other examples of political repression (no /f/repression yet?)

On a sidenote i find it worrying that a government starts using anti-harassment laws as a tool of political repression. I mean it's not like we haven't seen it coming but still it's the first situation like this i've heard about. We should take our justice and self-defense against harassers and assaulters in our own hands and not expect them to protect us!

Love & Rage


celebratedrecluse wrote

Great to see Tulsi doing this, however in the spirit of ruthless anarchist principles I'm going to call attention to how Tulsi is in many ways a terrible candidate on foreign policy:

Remember that Tulsi Gabbard was a soldier in the field for years, for the US imperial army, and describes themselves as "both a dove and a hawk". For example, was willing to meet with the dictator Sisi in Egypt to discuss how the US and Egypt can work together to destroy radical islamist movements, which is fundamentally an imperialist thing to do regardless of how shitty Daesh et al are.


ziq OP wrote

The only ray of hope in this bleak landscape is the entry of MeRA25, DiEM25’s electoral wing in Greece, to parliament. Nine of us were elected, despite zero funding and a sustained campaign of character assassination against us by New Democracy and Mr Tsipras’ government.

I don't understand how he can still think this after the Syriza debacle. No political party is going to save Greece. Political parties immediately become corrupt the moment they come to power. There's no state that is going to put people before rulers because it would be like Elon Musk putting the needs of a homeless person above his own.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

Neoliberalism didn't work. So they tried neoliberalism. That didn't work so now they're trying neoliberalism.

This comment is pretty plainly saying that the Greek people are idiots who think trying neoliberalism over and over again is the way out of the crisis. It’s simply not true, the Greek people voted for Syriza because they wanted radical change, nobody knew just how compromised Tsipras was until the EU referendum.