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lori wrote (edited )

I think that there's plenty advantage in it, as the introduction of basic "socialist" ideas into this usually-conservative Southern community has given people actual ideas about a better world for once - the concepts of mutual aid and cooperation no longer seem entirely foreign, and as time goes on a non-negligible segment of the people who formerly organized for those Social Democrats seem to move on become actual radicals, anarchist or otherwise. That's just within the scope of this town, though, and I can't say much in regards to the wider picture nor do I really care.


L0rdEMPRESS_GaLaXyBrAiN wrote (edited )

basic "socialist" ideas into this Southern community has given people actual ideas for once

Ahaha, the 'southerners are stupid and need to be educated argument,' classic.


lori wrote

I worded that badly, I'll edit it. I'm literally a southerner and a dropout, I meant more that they have ideas about a better world.


ctuyed OP wrote

Entryism into the bourgeois political system has been a futile exercise for more than 150 years now and it has never worked. You'd think the reactionary anti-people and anti internationalist views of the social democrats would dissuade revolutionaries from feeding them but it doesn't seem to faze them.

Comrades like Mao, Ho and Castro didn't waste time humoring social democratic scuzzballs and their parlance with the bourgeoisie as they were astute enough to see direct action and mass organization are the only effective tools in our arsenal.