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Prismatic_Iguana wrote

They will continue to vote against their best interest. We could be even more progressive than the EU right now if only people would stop being so selfish! Hillary was our best chance to bring about real progress and now I fear we will be left 50 years behind where we started in just 4 small years.


_ziq_ wrote (edited )

Hillary real progress? What have you been smoking? She's a rightwing warmongering imperialist with blood drenched hands that deported children.


Prismatic_Iguana wrote

So it's cool to shit on the first female with a legitimate shot at becoming president around these parts? I thought that sort of male-centric toxic dogpiling was left over at that other place. Is she perfect, no, but show me a candidate that is. You all rallied around yet another white male to be your savior, typical.


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

Bernie would have won but Clinton had the DNC chair rig the nomination for her.

Probably a good reason people continue to vote against their best interest is because the Democrats act like they're owed the support from the working class while not doing anything to engage with them except imply that they're drug-addled welfare queens. Republicans are obvious hucksters and abhorrent people. To lose to them, that takes something almost magical. Trump could at least fake his support for working class people by telling them he'll bring their jobs back. All the average Trump voter heard from Clinton were excuses for why we couldn't raise the minimum wage sufficiently or enact actual good health coverage.