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elchololoco wrote (edited )

"Our" President?

To use the inclusive pronoun "our" implies that the Cheeto-in-Chief is my President too.

This is not the case. I acknowledge neither the legitimacy of the enemy country nor its demented leader. You can bend the knee if you want to, but don't you dare imply that I have to, or that I've done so.

I acknowledge only one President: Bernie Sanders, the President in the North, who was robbed of a nomination which was rightfully his. (Edit: Even this I do reluctantly. See my response below.)

So cut it out with this "our" shit. Trump ain't my President.


tnstaec wrote

You had me til the Bernie bit. Nobody for president!


elchololoco wrote

Fair enough. I support Bernie Sanders only to the extent of his mandate: to protect the right of every Northerner to direct the course of their own lives the way they see fit, provided they do not harm others or prevent others' exercise of the same rights.

If he refuses to do this, or if he goes beyond his mandate, then he will no longer enjoy my loyalty or support.


575547887830924 wrote

No, he's our president no matter how much you try to spin it, he won the election. It's simple as that. (I'm not a Trump supporter)


elchololoco wrote

He won an election which was not legitimate. Other leaders get 99% of the vote in elections which are also not legitimate. Should the people they rule just fucking consent to it, "because he won the election"? Of course not!


ziq OP wrote

I'm not even an American if you're talking to me.