Fuck Bill Clinton and the White-Washing of History Liberals Do to Praise Him

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I'm so fucking tired of this fetishization of Clinton by nostalgic liberals. The more I hear discussions of Clinton the more I realize they have no fucking clue what Clinton was doing or what was going on politically in the 90s. Ask them to name one thing he did that they thought was a great achievement and all they say is "Umm.. well he got a blowjob and all the republicans made a big deal about it!" He wasn't even a liberal. He was very much a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I'll give a few examples.

  • Firstly Clinton referred to his own administration as moderate republican for fuck's sake.

  • His whole platform was to take the republicans issues, in order to take the big money donors, then polish them for general consumption. This was a plan he created with Dick Morris called Triangulation.

  • His campaign was a campaign for and by fundraisers and other corrupt (sometimes foreign) shot callers. See 1996 campaign finance controversy.

  • He was the chair and one of the founders of a corporation formed in 1985 on the basis that the democratic party was too left.

  • In the 1992 election he was even more right than George HW Bush on many issues.

  • For example he supported an even more extreme embargo on Cuba than Bush the elder which banned trade not only with Cuba but, even more stupidly, countries which also traded with Cuba.

  • Related to the last one, in the 92 campaign he supported the current Shamir government, which was much to the right, while George HW Bush supported the Israel labor party.

  • He greatly expanded the drug war and the prison industrial complex related to it. He was against medical marijuana, he viewed MMJ as illegitimate and the DOJ was ordered to go after growers and distributors in MMJ states.

  • He commissioned the RAND corporation to research drug policy and when their study concluded that $3B should be switched from law enforcement to treatment to be more effective the study was thrown away.

  • John O'Sullivan, conservative commentator wrote a piece in 1996 stating that the conservatives were in trouble because Clinton kept stealing their issues.

  • After seeing a tight election, supported a welfare plan even more strict than the republicans and shoved it through legislation to take away another issue from republicans.

  • Fired his Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders after, when asked about masturbation in regards to sex education at a UN AIDS conference, said "I think that is a part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught."

  • Set up a Healthcare reform "Task Force" led by his wife. Not only did this fail miserably but they wouldn't even consider a single payer system. They voluntarily took it off the table immediately which resulted in the reform plan combining the worst of insurance company policy with the worst of bureaucracy.

  • Whitewater

  • Pardoned fucking Marc Rich... along with 140 other people on the last day of presidency.

  • Ignored, or perhaps even helped cover up, Contra-gate activity in Arkansas when he was governor (of Arkansas)

  • Despite him being Commander in Chief, he treated the military joint chiefs as if they were a lobby. It's very important that the president command them, not the other way around. Which is why he broke his promise to the gay community to end ban on homosexuals in the military. But it's all okay because it was a compromise... (one that he didn't need to make, only made out of political fear like his firing of Joycelyn Elders.)

  • Travelgate

  • He used religion to make him look better while he was going through scandals. Filegate


  • Lied about the Lewinsky scandal. When he was finally found out, he began a campaign to slander and defame Lewinsky (including feeding stories to the press) as a crazy stalker. His aid Sidney Bloomenthall confirmed this campaign.

  • By the way Lewinsky wasn't the only one. While I don't believe all of the ones who came out provided a good case (Gracen, for example) some of them couldn't be denied. Like Katherine Willey, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Gennifer Flowers. Some of which he denied until they provided proof (Gennifer provided tapes, he later admitted a sexual with her). There's also the question of his Nixonian "secret police" which his former friend/adviser Dick Morris confirmed.

  • Saw the execution of a mentally disabled man for political points during the '92 campaign. The man executed was Ricky Ray Rector who couldn't even comprehend what was happening. After his last meal he left his pie which he said he was saving for later.

  • Sent cruise missiles to Afghanistan and Sudan the day Lewinsky was set to appear before the Grand Jury. The strike in Sudan hit the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory, Sudan's primary source of pharmaceuticals. Germany's embassy to Sudan estimated the attack led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Sudanese.


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chaos wrote

And fuck Bill Cosby and Mr. Bill and The Bill too. In fact, fuck all the Bills.


anarchistica wrote

You forgot about:

  • DOMA - ban on same-sex marriage supported by a majority of Democrats

  • Iraq - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0WDCYcUJ4o

  • Rwanda - claims he didn't know, explicitly evaded the term genocide and according to the OAU prevented the UN from taking action (with help from the Belgians).

And don't forget DADT passed when the Democrats controlled all three houses!


sudo wrote

Could you site your sources?

I don't like Clinton either, because he's a capitalist, but don't make all these claims without citing a single source.


foggymorn OP wrote

This isn't a research paper, it's a rant on the internet. I'm not spending a couple of hours sourcing it all.


sudo wrote

You really should. You've given a bunch of factual claims, but without any sources. Rational people know to check the validity of claims before believing them, but without any sources, they cannot do that, aside from looking them up. But, they shouldn't have to do that - the burden of proof lies with the claim-maker. If you're not going to cite any sources, what's the point of writing all of this? Surely it took some time to write - I'd guess at least 30 minutes, to recall every one of these things - so you might as well include citations. If all of these claims are true, it shouldn't take very long. If you can't find any sources backing your memory up, maybe that means you mis-remembered, or perhaps it's an urban legend.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

The man clearly stated reason is not his business. Why do you insist?


sudo wrote

Maybe I could change their mind.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

IMO you can never do that in the church. Only in real life, outside the church and by practical example.


sudo wrote

What? What does the church have to do with what we're talking about? Did you reply to the wrong person?


ConfettiEggnog wrote

You are right. Mosque is a more appropriate term, as the church is less often a place of gathering and discussion and more a place of submission and passivity.


theblackcat wrote

People are nostalgic for the 90s because it was right before capitalism collapsed into ruins. But the 90s led to that collapse.