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Hang in there. Don't be afraid to speak up. If we allow these anarkids to continue spreading their imperialist propaganda, they win. So oppose them every time they speak. Point out all the flaws in their arguments. Point out how ill-read they are, quiz them on Marxism to expose their low intelligence. Defend the great communist revolutionaries they mock and demean. Don't give an inch to their callous propaganda.

We can do it, comrades, we can prevail over this reactionary current that is attempting to push people away from communism and towards liberal anarchism.



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BunnyBop wrote (edited )

Um, you know you can be a communist...and an anarchist, right? The two aren't mutually exclusive. Most communists I've encountered are also anarchists so maybe you should cut this "anarkiddie" shit out.

Also I don't believe for a second that you've gotten DMs from people who support you. lol


martasultan wrote

Lenin was a fascist.


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

That's the most blatant misrepresentation of communism I can imagine, this is exactly what I'm talking about. None of you have read anything.


Pop wrote

You would be an embarrassment to many of the awesome communists I know and are probably just at troll

enjoy wasting your time here


martasultan wrote

not the reversal of all progress we've gained since the enlightenment and a return to the backwards barbarism that restrained us for so long.

Surely it is the anarchists that are imperialist, not the one advocating for enlightening barbarians with European progress.


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

Communism is only alive and thriving in the third world, not the West. Calling communism European is just retarded.


An_Old_Big_Tree admin wrote

Hi! Between your troll behaviour rooted in bad faith engagement and having no idea what you're talking about beyond a caricatured and outdated sense of communism, and your ableist slur over here, you've gotten yourself banned from this forum, and a warning towards a global ban.


ziq wrote

Any chance you'll name names; list these comrades of yours?


PerfectSociety wrote


If only.

imperialist propaganda

How is it possible that raddle is imperialist propaganda when there are multiple forums on this site that share information pointing out and criticizing imperialism?

low intelligence

It's ironic that you express concerns about reactionaryism, while yourself using the kinds of ablist insults typical of reactionary rhetoric.

liberal anarchism

Can you explain what this is?

quiz them on Marxism

Sure. And we can quiz you on Anarchism in return. How about that?

Don't give an inch to their callous propaganda.

Peak irony.


wild_liger wrote

what is this, ziq's newest leftist-strawman character?