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Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of communism. The people will be in charge of the factories, meaning there's no reason we would choose to pollute our own environment. We simply wouldn't put profit before ecology.


RosaReborn wrote

I don't think it's a fundamental misunderstanding. These critiques are still something that must be faced by an anarchist revolution, namely if there is no government however do prevent folks from destroying the environment and finding new ways to control others. Whether the revolution leaves a state or syndicates or another form of collectives or not, the key thing the revolution needs is a total restructuring of how we interact with the world and how we interact with others.

I'm not dismissing your goals, control of production by the workers is great, but it is not the complete revolution in itself


Communism_not_Barbarism OP wrote

Do you think you can brainwash me with your Western liberal propaganda? I'm not some naive anarchist, unlike you I actually read theory.


mofongo wrote

You're already brainwashed of something else. That's for sure.


ziq wrote

You're literally a western liberal, except you have some kind of tank fetish.


ziq wrote

and love the taste of boot even more than most liberals.