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AndMyAxe wrote

To be honest I think he's doing the right thing and I wish more anarchists would run for office and get involved in mainstream politics.

I don't think we'll be reaching anarchy any time soon, and even if we do, going straight from what we have now into anarchy might actually do more harm than good. IMHO what we really need is to set up a good foundation for the success of anarchy. This would (in my opinion) involve reigning in the power of corporations and increasing local autonomy from centralised governments. Of course, education, healthcare, and welfare reforms would also be needed; people will be able to see the good of having free education, healthcare, and a social safety net, and will be more likely to retain these things under anarchy.

By pursuing mainstream politics anarchists and other leftists would be able to more effectively combat the power of various right-wing groups, while at the same time increasing the power of the left.

I'm being a bit ramble-y right now because I haven't given this as much thought as I probably should, but I'm interested in what y'all think about this.