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Freux wrote (edited )

You know when someone use "is code word for" they are going to say something smart. /s

First of all, the picture, that leave a majority of jewish people not in the 1% (56% of the jewish people) so right there, we can lose the argument that hating the 1% is anti-semitism. Also nobody hates the 1% because of their religion so that make even less sense. The author himself doesn't even know who made that crappy poster. (I'll state the obvious, it's nazis)

And then the author goes on comparing intersectional politics as all about hating jewish people because of the 1%. That guy has no fucking idea what intersectional politics are.

From all the shit written in that article what do you think make sense?

Edit: I have no idea if the stats are actually real but I wrote as they were for the sake of argument.


JoeMemo wrote

"I went to Yale and finished first in my class but that isn't a privilege because I didn't immediately get offered a job upon graduating".


kittybecca wrote

If someone can finish first in their class at Yale and write garbage like this, it can't be anything other than a privilege granted by obscene wealth.