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EmeraldShark wrote

"Developments are coming like storm."

Well yeah, FCC takeover by Verizon, Whitehouse whistleblower sentenced for jail 5 years for releasing documents that Russians did hack the election, 5g cell tower deployment, military un vehicles crossing into us from canada, militarization of police, concentration ice camps getting set up, IBM chips hacked jeopardizing billions in infrastructure to hacking, Europe losing freedom of press, extinction of tropical birds...

At this point you should probably just be happy you can even read opinion articles like this, you should know the world is in a massive psychological all out war. The capitalist system must destroy the natives because the natives are the direct enemy of capitalism, the trees, forests, tribes, deer, fish, plankton, and Mother Earth itself. So either the people must psychological become to the point to where they want to destroy the Earth, or they must psychologically change their path back to living in harmony with nature.