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MichaelPemulis wrote

This seems complicated to me. On the one hand, Alex Jones should've been banned from these platforms many years ago - at least when the Sandy Hook harassment bullshit started taking place. Banning him now is kind of confusing in that there doesn't seem to be any consistent standards of (or a history of consistent) enforcement against hate speech on these platforms. What about Paul Joseph Watson? Sargon? Richard Spencer? It's easy to see how this selective and opportunistic enforcement of TOS policies could swing in just about any direction.

On the other hand... though it's said that Alex Jones' popularity has risen since being deplatformed from a few sites, this is to be expected. Nothing new here. People have always turned into reactionaries screaming "OMG CENSORSHIP FIRST AMENDMENT" when a popular personality gets banned from a private platform for rule-breaking, shit behaviour. It's natural for there to be more attention drawn to Alex Jones after an incident like this and his viewers will congregate to the remaining platforms that continue to peddle his psychotic ramblings.

Assuming no near-term breakdown of civilization, I suspect this will have a decent impact on his ability to get new followers in the coming years as it will ultimately be more difficult for him to peddle his conspiratorial wares en masse. But who fucking knows.

I personally stand by the deplatforming of AJ here but I'm curious what other people think.