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GrimWillow wrote

Many questions felt pretty loaded in terms of the necessity of markets, government, nation, etc. If it's asking whether or not I want cops to be armed, do they mean "cops" as in "a community that looks out for its own safety" (in the context of Anarchism, this is what would essentially be the cops) or specifically the capitalist cops of many of today's formed nations? I'm down for arming people, especially people who defend a space and community to be safe, but fuck the cops in today's world. They're all thugs for the capitalists. Non-hierarchical organizing for public safety is a definite yes for them to be armed.

Anyway, here are my results if you're curious.

I don't think this test was thorough enough, so take that with a grain of salt.


a7824 wrote

I think they mean the cops as they are today. An anarchist community that arms and protects itself isn't the cops but i understand the confusion. These tests always have loaded questions