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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

So what exactly did you have in mind - and consider that it's likely anything you post here is being tracked by some kind of FBI or NSA web crawler and indexed.

If you are advocating the next wave of Civil Rights Movement -style action, count me in.

If you're looking for a true violent conflict, I'm not there yet. Maybe I should be. Maybe by the time I decide to take up arms it will mean nothing. But for now, I'm not doing that or considering it.


tamarack wrote (edited )

The social ostracism of enemy officials (surrounding them at restaurants, denying them service, etc.) we've seen in the past week is a good start.

Visiting their homes and ostracizing them in front of their neighbors would be a good next step.

Further, this practice ought to be expanded to include business leaders, who are also enemies of the People.