Donald Trump is the greatest gift to Germany in its effort to become an autonomous imperialist power failedevolution.blogspot.gr

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Angela Merkel wouldn't let the chance go wasted. After Trump's disastrous decision to withdraw US from the Iran nuclear agreement, she rushed to declare that "It is no longer such that the United States simply protects us, but Europe must take its destiny in its own hands, that's the task of the future,"

This is a step further from her previous statement because she clearly shows now what was in her mind: building a German Europe by completely eliminating the US influence in every level.


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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

So Trump supporters would probably try to call this a win for the US. "We shouldn't be involved with so many other countries." Except, of course, we're being inconsistent and hypocritical - dialing up the involvement and call for international support when dealing with Iran and North Korea while simultaneously cutting loose allies that don't do exactly what we want.