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Dumai wrote

oversimplifying hugely, quakers believe in the "priesthood of all believers", the spiritual uniqueness and equality of all of human souls, and the emptying of the self according to the light of god within us. which is to say that there is something holy within everyone, and quakers try to live according to light within them all times; meaning, for a quaker, religion is about the entirety of life.

the political implications of all that are pretty obvious i think. traditionally quakers acknowledge no ordained clergy or accept any religious hierarchy at all. they were preaching the equality of women in the 17th century. they were basically the first religious group to organise against slavery in the US. they've been active in anti-war movements, LGBT rights, refugee rights... i could go on.

i mean i totally get why people would be put off christianity, especially in your case. but for me, christianity, when properly understood, is a radical statement.