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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

I suppose for me it all started by reading Naomi Klein's "No Logo" which really got me into anti-consumerism. Got into education theory and read some Ferrer and Tolstoy. It became a landslide into Chomsky's library, then into Derrick Jensen's "Endgame" 1, 2, and few of his other books until all the transphobia reared its ugly head. Plus the organization of DGR looked too authoritarian structurally. Got into Anarcho-Syndiclism as a card carrying member of IWW and read lots of wobbly history and memorized hella cheesy songs. I did mushrooms after processing a ton of reading on Turtle Island's holocaust of the indigenous and went down the decolonization tunnel, and popped out as someone who believes that any job that is not work to dismantle the illegal settlements and roll back the destructive technological dependencies of this globalizing labor farm serving the rich, is a job that shouldn't be promoted on stolen land.

edit: I really should include that during my wobbly days, I really got into intersectional solidarity, and analysis of the state as a white supremacist patriarchal hetero-normative transphobic colonizing force. Intersectional solidarity forever.