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Under Bernie Sanders, the state will regain its power to rebuild the economy. It will start to function for the benefit of the majority, not for the benefit of the Wall Street mafia. And, most importantly, the United States can become an example, bequeathing the reborn social model to Europe and elsewhere, as it happened after WWII, thanks to the New Deal heritage.


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mofongo wrote

The state has no such power and the conditions that made the post war boom no longer exists. The social model of Europe is slowly dying and won't last long.

Unless you want WWIII and rebuild capitalism over the ashes of the world.


tamarack wrote

Bernie Sanders has firsthand knowledge of how the Democratic Party robbed him of the nomination and handed the election to the Orange One on a silver platter; but he refuses to call them out and expose their crimes for all to see.

As far as I'm concerned, he has become a willing collaborator with the demon elite and no longer deserves our support.


ziq wrote

I doubt he ever had the support of anyone around these parts.


tamarack wrote

He had my support right up until he decided to bend the knee.

Northerners do not bend the knee to anyone, let alone a witch who who does unspeakable things to little children.