The hypocrisy of American liberals

Submitted by EdgyIndividualistBuffoon in Politics

Every thread on non radical forums is literally full of Team America Junior Rangers whining and complaining that everyone hates America, the champion of human rights, and how all the bad things it does are simply accidents (almost by definition, as the US can never intentionally do evil). In their view, Russia, a country that has never staked its reputation on human rights, is violating human rights without as much of an outcry, despite this in reality being flat out false (plenty of people ranting about Russia and ignoring American hypocrisy).

If America dropped the "we're the brave defenders of human rights" shtick then people wouldn't be more upset when they intentionally blow up hospitals as when Russia does it. And anti-imperialist guerillas wouldn't keep focusing on sanctimonious America as our favourite attack target. It turns out that hypocrisy makes people extra angry.


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