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MrPotatoeHead wrote

I suspect that Trump thinks that anyone without a bathroom made of pure gold lives in a shithole. Remember that he thought that living in the White House was a step down from his gold encrusted home.


r4tch3t wrote

Hm, I wonder what this'll do to him in the long run. We've seen him survive worse, but a lot of the scandals like this seem to at least kind of pick away at his supporter-base. I'm not calling smoking gun yet (cuz we've been doing that for like two years now for everything).


DissidentRage wrote

After all the scandals he's gone through, if you're still with him at this point, this isn't going to deter you; it might bolster your support even harder.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

One irony is that I'd rather live in the 'shithole' countries than the straight up dystopia that is the US.

Not that Trump could list ten countries in Africa. Remember "Nambia"?