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DeathToAmerica wrote

This would be even worse than trump.

At least with trump they can no longer hide what America is. The whole world sees it, even Americans themselves.

With Oprah, they'd keep doing the same tyrannical shit but with a pretty bow on top to keep things presentable like Obama's reign of terror.

Fuck that.


Ismail wrote (edited )

What's funny is, Trump wanted Oprah to be his running-mate when he considered campaigning in 2000.


ziq wrote (edited )

It was pretty funny seeing the UN lecturing the US delegate the other day. And Macron of all people accusing America of stoking war with Iran.

America being the laughing stock of the world will only hasten the collapse of their empire... so there is something to be said about the empire having the face that best represents it.

Usually they give us mickey mouse as the emperor instead of Darth Vader and it's very frustrating because most people don't resist the system so long as they like their appointed ruler.

Sucks for the marginalized Americans that Trump is hurting, but on the world scale, he's no more destructive than Obama was. Obama even deported more immigrants.


DissidentRage wrote

"And you get a bomb, and you get a bomb, and you get a bomb... everyone gets a bomb!"


selver wrote

I hope she does, and has a good run. I'm def an accelerationist when it comes to making people lose all faith in elections. Trump's already got half the country embarassed of democracy. Let's get weird.


r4tch3t wrote

Did Reagan's presidency bring with it a lot of celebrity actors publicly considering running for president like this? I know he didn't go straight into it and had a long congressional stint, but it seems like the kind of thing that would bring this about (even if it's less crazy than Trump)


JakeRhymesWithCake wrote

Opera-fest at the Golden Globe Awards last night literally made me sick to my stomach.