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DissidentRage wrote

A lot of the "impeach Trump" liberal crowd seem to me like a dog chasing a car. What do they expect they'll do when they catch it? Just chomp down on the bumper and hang on for the ride? I've posed the question a few times on left-liberal Reddit like EnoughTrumpSpam and it just gets downvoted with no responses - at least not any actually responding to the lack of forethought; if they respond, it's usually just red baiting.

They have no long-term plan. This is reinforced by talking heads like Colbert saying that Trump isn't a symptom, but the disease itself. The system and its supporters being at fault is a bitter pill, and I'm losing faith that we can convince liberals to take it.


WindTalk wrote

Trump is the perfect song and dance at the top. The economic imbalance and faith in trickle-down society is eating the young and less-fortunate.