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deadresonance wrote

Why must we always contextualize the possible, with the preconceived impossible?

It is entirely possible in the broader world beyond the baltic states, for a global non-aligned movement to succeed. I am committed to it, but respect your regionally contexualized pushback.


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

Good luck! I think NATO generals pray for Putin's longevity every night. And, for anti-NATO initiatives to succeed, warmongering Russia has to be destroyed first. My focus is on latter.


deadresonance wrote

I don't really think you can destroy one without the other, you are correct that both have to be dismantled though. Which is beyond the capacity of localized action in the baltic area; Russians and Americans and western europeans all have to cooperate in an international effort to achieve our populist self-interest in destroying these horrible military systems.


Bezotcovschina wrote

All I wanted to say is that original article is most likely Russian propaganda (we have a long history here of so-called Lithuanian journalists pushing these talking points on this site). Everything else is my not-so-well-elaborated defensive reaction that probably is wrong. I see now how it's similar to "we need Xi to protect the world from USA imperialism" just in reverse.