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bloodrose wrote

All US elections material belongs in /f/USA.


BridgeBum wrote

If that is true, the forum description needs updating:

All politics.

If you're submitting a post and the location isn't clear, please indicate at least the country in the title.

Sounds like US politics fall into that category.


ziq wrote

I think Biden is a rapist.


Trumpisapedo OP wrote

What about Trump? Did you watch my video?


ziq wrote

The fuck are you trying to do here? When you have two rapists, one doesn't somehow cancel out the other. They're both known rapists.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Why is this even here? Like, why go out of your way to make an account to post absolute stupid shit no one wants to see? LIke, yeah, we get it, Trump is a sack of shit. but, what is even the point??? You must be bored. Go play some Super Mario Brothers 3 while contemplating your utter impotence.


celebratedrecluse wrote

they're all violent men, that's how they get so far in the contest.