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sudo wrote

You misunderstand. Socialism doesn't mean no managers, it means democracy in the workplace, and no surplus value. Everything you said hinges on your misunderstanding about there being no managers, so all the other things you said wouldn't happen.


nishi_jochiro wrote

Yeah but who are the "Democracy Makers" the people who "manage" all the votes. There's also the problem of all of the many administrative tasks which require decisions to be made how many times are all the workers expected to stop working and go vote. Also even if it was perfect mass democracy you have to consider there is only a very small percentage of brilliant people compared to the average worker. I would rather put my trust in decisions from a person who knows what they are doing rather than the majority of factory workers.

Instead of a democratic system where a mass amount of mostly no-nothings make decisions. It would be better to pick leaders based on what they have contributed to the company and others within it for their specific job.


notanaccout wrote

Well there's your problem. You think poor people are dumb. They're not!

Actually socialist systems can totally have systems where the amout of invesment alters the weight of your vote.


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Enkara wrote

My socialism means a "love for ones people" rather than a "gimme free shit"!

Sounds like National Socialism to me...


_ziq_ wrote

you're not a socialist and you have no understanding of socialism.


ziq wrote

Just a friendly reminder that this site has a 'no platform for fascists' policy. Check out voat or reddit, they love fashes.