The Comprehensive Case for Mike Bloomberg!

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The Comprehensive Case for Mike Bloomberg

Why I support Mike Bloomberg for President in 2020 and you should too.


  1. Who is Mike Bloomberg
  2. Record and Plans
    1. Climate Change
    2. Gun Control
    3. Economy
    4. The Greenwood Initiative & El Paso Adelante:
    5. Philanthropy
    6. Experience
  3. You don't just get Mike:
  4. The importance of 2020
  5. Responding to concerns
    1. Stop and Frisk
    2. Billionaire Funding
    3. He used to be a republican
    4. He said Xi Jinping was not a dictator
  6. Conclusion

Who is Mike Bloomberg?

Michael Bloomberg was born to a middle-class family in 1942, growing up in Medford, MA. He studied at Johns Hopkins University (BS, 1964) and Harvard University (MBA, 1966). After university, he worked at an investment firm, and in 1981, he was let go as a result of an acquisition by another firm. He turned this setback one of his greatest successes, using a $10 million severance package as the base for Bloomberg LP, a financial data services and media company with over $10 billion in revenue in 2018, and 20,000 employees. Michael Bloomberg is now worth $60 billion.

Bloomberg served three terms as Mayor of New York City, first elected in 2001, rebuilding New York in the aftermath of 9/11, hiring experts instead of political appointees, turning a $3 to $5 billion budget deficit into a $2.4 billion surplus, kickstarting a development and business boom, attracting record numbers of visitors, lowering crime, dramatically improving public health, and setting the course for the city's future.

In March 2018, he was appointed the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action. He has also started revolutionary initiatives, including Everytown for Gun Safety, Beyond Carbon, Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative (which trained Pete Buttigieg), and American Cities Initiative.

Climate Change:

When Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords Mike Bloomberg stepped up to fill the gap. Alongside former California Governor Jerry Brown, Bloomberg led a coalition of states, cities, and companies to represent the United States on the world level when Trump refused. Mike was appointed the UN United States Special Envoy on Climate Action. At the same time Mike was/is working with the Sierra Club to close coal fired power plants and together they have successfully closed 300 plants across the nation. As Mayor of NYC Mike reduced emissions by 13%, planted hundreds of thousands of trees and added hundreds of acres of new parkland. Mike has taken on fossil fuels and put his money where his mouth is by donating $500 million to the Sierra Club in their efforts to fight climate change. Mike has worked tirelessly for years to combat climate change and his record of success is indisputable. Mike has released plans to take the success national and international. They address everything from reaching 100% clean power to combating wildfires and clean buildings. Mike has released so much info and done so much to fight climate change I could make an entire post about this alone. You can read each individual policy proposal and past record here:

Gun Control:

Mike has made it a personal mission of his to take on the NRA. For years the NRA has wielded undue political influence and Mike is working to end that. The NRA has a simple goal of “no” to all gun policies and its highly motivated and vocal supporters have allowed it to be so effective. Mike is working to put an end to the power of the NRA and the scourge of gun violence in the United States. Mike helped found Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Everytown for Gun Safety who have taken the fight to the NRA with a coalition of over 6 million members. Mike spent $110 million in 2018 to elect democrats who support gun safety. As Mayor his policies helped reduce gun deaths in NYC by hundreds and brought levels to record lows.

For all of Mike’s work to take on the gun lobby and illegal guns his policies have been specifically designed to align with national polling. Mike has worked tirelessly to close loopholes, expand background checks and keep guns out of the hands of those convicted of domestic violence, policies that are supported not only by the majority of Americans but also the majority of gun owners. Mike is the only candidate running who has actively taken on the NRA is fighting to protect American youth from the scourge of gun violence. You can read more about Mike’s record on gun safety and all of his policy proposals here:


As a businessman Mike built an incredibly successful company. With decades of business experience Mike has the mindset we need to restructure our economy to face the next decade of economic challenges and he has the data to back it up. Mike has released a comprehensive economic plan that addresses the most vulnerable areas of the economy and provides solutions to fix the problems. Mike knows that creating a green economy will generate millions of new jobs and while taking the fight to climate change. But he also knows that large numbers of jobs will be lost in the fossil fuel industry and has the job retraining and support plans in place to help those communities. Mike has the economic and job creation record that no other candidate has. With Mike as mayor NYC saw minority and women owned small businesses increase by 450% and the creation of over half a million new jobs in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. As the rest of the country struggled, Mike's leadership helped hold NYC together and allowed it to excel. Mike Bloomberg is the businessman Trump wishes he could be. You can read Mike’s All in Economy plan here:

The Greenwood Initiative & El Paso Adelante:

Mike has released plans to address the specific challenges facing the African American and latino communities, and he is currently the only candidate who supports Puerto Rican statehood. Mike’s plan will invest $70 billion in the countries 100 most disadvantaged neighborhoods and will accompany massive investment in educational opportunities for people of color in America. Mike believes in the importance and the power of education and as Mayor rebuilt a failing school system and doubled the education budget. Mike’s plan also offers a path to citizenship for those with TPS and includes increased investment in immigartion legal resources. You can read both plans here: &


Mike gave $1.8 billion to his alma mater Johns Hopkins to ensure need blind admissions forever for all students. To date Mike has donated over $6 billion to organizations, foundations and causes he supports. Mike has signed the Giving Pledge and has promised to give away the majority of his wealth. During his time as Mayor Mike declined to receive a salary other than the $1 required by law. It is said that Mike still has his 12 $1 checks framed.


Mike has more executive experience than any other candidate. As mayor of NYC Mike was responsible for more constituents than the governors of 38 states. A Bloomberg presidency will restore our international reputation and rebuild our relationship with our international allies. Mike understands the importance of working with the international community to tackle existential threats like climate change. Mike will get it done because he needs no on the job training and with a job like the presidency every day matters.

You can read more about Mike’s experience in NYC here:

You don't just get Mike:

With a Bloomberg presidency you don’t get cabinet secretaries who have no idea what they are doing. You don’t get someone who has never sent their kids to public schools in charge of the Department of Education. You won’t get oil lobbyists in positions of power at the EPA. No with Mike the country gets experts in their respective fields. Under Trump the executive branch has seen a brain drain of public servants and their roles replaced with political appointments. As Mayor Mike went out of his way to surround himself with the most intelligent and knowledgeable people he could. Bloomberg will appoint people to his cabinet who are true experts in their respective fields. Whether they have decades of experience or doctorates a Bloomberg cabinet will be full of people who actually know what they are doing. Also Mike won’t spend millions of taxpayers dollars golfing.

More on working in Bloomberg’s mayoral administration:

The importance of 2020:

2020 is the most important year of the next decade and not just because of the presidency. The 2020 elections will determine who has control in 2021 when redistricting occurs. For the past ten years Republicans have maintained a systematic advantage in our electoral process. Gerrymandering has allowed Republicans to hold onto, congressional seats, state legislatures and state offices across the country. In 2016 democrats won the congressional popular vote by over 3 million votes but the GOP gained a 33 seat majority. This is solely because of gerrymandering. States like North Carolina who are statistically even in terms of Republicans and Democrats send 10 Republicans to congress and only 3 Democrats. Similar outcomes are occurring across the country and the result is inaccurate representation of American beliefs, values and policy preferences. 2020 is our chance to reverse the trend and prevent the GOP from rigging the next decade of elections in their favor.

The election must be a referendum on Trump; it cannot be a referendum on socialism.

The Senate is also in play in 2020. While it is basically impossible to fix the malapportionment in the Senate, 2020 represents an opportunity for Democrats to take the majority. The GOP is defending seats in purple states and states that were considering safe Republican two cycles ago. A shift to Democratic control in the Senate would enable the passage of hundreds of bills that are sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk. No Democartic candidate will be able to pass any meaningful legislation with GOP control of the Senate. Also the next president will most likely appoint at least one if not more Supreme Court Justices, so flipping the Senate is extra important in order to avoid another Merrick Garland fiasco.

Mike is the best candidate to help flip the Senate. If Mike is nominated, he will be able to self fund his presidential campaign. If recent trends continue this election will be the most expensive ever. In 2016 Trump and Clinton spent 2.4 billion on the Presidency, this does not include outside money. Mike could easily spend double this allowing the DNC, DSCC(Senate) and DCCC (House) to spend their funds on down ballot races. Add in outside money super PACs and the Democrats could outspend the Republicans by a landslide. This is crucial because of the aforementioned systematic advantages the GOP has. Think about all the good the billion Hillary spent would do on Senate and house races. The levels of voter outreach, engagement and mobilization could be so enormous it would make the 2018 Blue Wave look like a child's play.

Bloomberg also has widespread appeal to swing voters, more than other Democratic candidates.

Respond to concerns about Bloomberg:

Stop and frisk:

Stop and Frisk was a mistake, Mike has publicly stated that the policy was a mistake and that he is sorry. However it is important to put the policy in context of the time. Mike was elected right after 9/11 and the city was on edge and crime was on the rise. Stop and Frisk was an NYPD policy that has its origins in broken windows policing, which many credit with the revitalization of NYC in the 70s and 80s. Giuliani started Stop and Frisk. While Mike, as Mayor is responsible for leadership of the NYPD, in such a trying time the NYPD was given broad power and freedom in order to portray security and safety. However the policy got out of hand and the results disproportionately affected people of color. In Bloomberg’s final term, Bloomberg reduced stops by 95%. Again Mike has apologized for the policy but it is important to note all of the positive things that happened under his mayorships for people of color, such as the complete overhall of the public education system, criminal justice reform that reduced incarceration rates, crime hit record lows and the murder rate dropped drastically. Mike as lead the charge in encouraging and supporting investment in neighborhoods of color and supporting small business. Speaking to people of color from NYC many will voice disdain for Stop and Frisk but also credit Mike with positives and for most importantly putting the city back together after 9/11.

Billionaire funding:

Every candidate is funded by a small minority of voters and wealthy special interests. Bloomberg has one donor, himself. This gives credibility to his positions and what he says. Bloomberg’s billionaire status is a fulfillment of the American Dream. While Trump inherited $413 million dollars from his father, Bloomberg group up from a modest middle-class upbringing. He put himself through college and earned his money through hard work and good ideas, and currently employs 20,000 people.

He used to be a republican:

This argument doesn’t really hold water. Mike ran for Mayor as Republican because there was already a Democratic candidate and he believed that voters would look past the “R” or “D”next to his name. It is no different than Independent Bernie running as Democrat or formerly-Democrat Trump running as a Republican. This line of attack is often used when other arguments have fallen flat. Even as a “Republican” Mike won a NYC election by over 20 percentage points.

He said Xi Jinping was not a dictator:

This was taken way out of context. Bloomberg said in an interview that he believed Xi Jinping would face some public pressure to fight climate change, as has a constituency. Xi Jinping does face pressure from the Communist Party, and the Party does face some public push. Here is an article analyzing Bloomberg's comments and here is the interview.

In conclusion, Bloomberg is the best choice for Democratic Nomination. He can beat Trump, has a proven track record, and has phenomenal policy initiatives. His resources will enable the party to support the most vulnerable candidates, ensure Democrats retain the house and will enable the Senate to be in play.



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Who is Mike Bloomberg

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Climate Change

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Gun Control

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He said Xi Jinping was not a dictator

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