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emmaloldman wrote (edited )

Also, why isn't there this absolute hysteria about Al Jazeera or VoA? Those two outlets have comparable reach (if not more) and are also explicitly State-funded.

Because Russia has been the US' punching bag/red herring (no pun intended) for decades. The political center in this country have gone full McCarthyite Alex Jones.

It has been very telling to see the same shitlibs who thought we'd achieved world peace when the White House went up in rainbow lights holding homophobic and xenophobic signs of Trump and Putin making out etc. The cherry on top, though, is the use of Soviet-era imagery.

The political analysis of these people goes no further than Rachel Maddow, BuzzFeed, and Hillary's new rag of a book.

Edit: I almost forgot, this brand of "politics" is also heavily informed by Harry Potter.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

agree with liberals losing their minds and blaming russia for everyting...

But also, isnt it Funny that Alex Jones himself tries very hard to discredit any kind of anti russian narrative and often repeats talking points from RT or Global Research. For example, Jones was big on saying this or that chemical attack in syria was a false flag, just as Russia and media outlets supportive of Assad were saying.

So i think it is also knee jerk contrarianism to just say there is absolutely no russia propaganda machine or whatever, but liberals can't analyze this without believing own paranoid propaganda.