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Great insight. I hadn't considered that line of thought. That particular line actually was meant to be somewhat of a merciful line; dying of climate change will not be painless or quick but slow and painful. Thanks for the clarification and input. I wrote this in like five minutes and was listening to Dead Prez lol oh and I don't know of any other realistic ways than anticiv to save our planet. Everything else seems like it's too little too late. If there is one, I'd like to know about it for sure!


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A lot of people have a distinct dislike for anticiv stuff. But you might have gotten downvoted because of the css on this sub. It's broken af. Also:

Revolt or kill your kids

I know you mean if we don't revolt our kids will die of climate change, but I'm guessing anti-civ haters might think you mean kill your kids so there are less people in the world to use up resources.


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Is this really supposed to be block-verse? No individual stanzas or anything? Or did the formatting just go haywire upon posting?