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Submitted by OpheliaRose in Poetry

It's been while since I became an adult but I keep hearing about this thing called happiness. I don't know what it is I can't remember what it is Or what became of it and I spend many lowly nights searching in the depths of my ceiling that never ends asking myself what is wrong with me, have I lost this thing that everyone seems to have? The pursuit of, to be in pursuit of, is in pursuit of Happiness. For happiness is not just in a baby's cry but in a baby's first steps. It is in the teachings of a geography school teacher who instilled in me the love of Jack Johnson at an early age and an appreciation for hard rains on a metal classroom trailer. Or standing in a bar I hardly ever visit to listen to strangers I'll never meet again-- and allow them to share their innermost feelings. Could this be happiness? For happiness is not a location or a moment in time, but several memories that are no more... Several beautiful memories that I have lost with the passing of time and will continue to do so. As the waves break over the ocean drawing near and pulling far driven by the blood lust of the moon, I too am driven driven by the same force that unites us all to one common bond one love one light shining through the long night Happiness is the here, the now I create And in releasing negativity and hate, I can now finally appreciate the freedom of love, the grace of forgiveness, blessed from above I am here this is me becoming who I am meant to be. Happiness is here, and so is joy and all things beautiful.



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Canceller wrote

Is this really supposed to be block-verse? No individual stanzas or anything? Or did the formatting just go haywire upon posting?