[OC] A Horror Story

Submitted by GrimWillow in Poetry (edited )

They are poisoning the minds of their servants in cultures that uphold the foundations of hell itself.

The slime and filth of the mind fed by a toxic culture clashes against the wall of humanity's effort to rid ourselves of its sticky burning chain. Clamped firmly in the ambitions of the gender roles is one of entwined domination of the women. Stained in the minds of the cows on our farm is a distinct favoring of the white "race" supremacy from contexts ignored. These dominations are distinct contribution to a gradient of robust sludge that includes a large number of oppressions. It pours from our screens, billboards, windows, work places, and even from the eyes and mouths of our own friends and family! There is nowhere to run from this mire, but the scum must be cleaned up, or we'll be in this muck forever.

The Ghosts haunt our world with stories from the silenced, all pointing to their assassin. Those of us that have seen them watch in horror as we find by their ghastly revelation that all of our communities are enchanted by the bejeweled murderers. And the wails of the victims live empty in the tombs of the forgotten. The occasional revenant will demand justice from the grave, and they will be heard in the footsteps of the witnessed living.

The zombies of mindless hurt, and putrid passion for selfish sadism, creep in the shadows ready to tear into any human to fill a void that could never be filled. How is it done? Drugs? Psychopathy? For whatever the reason, the streets contain a cruelty fed by ambition to survive at mass cost to life around them. To say that there is not one, has not witnessed yet those moments when one has broken into such demonic tendencies. They perpetuate their unlife unto others by eating into the soul of those around them with violent abandon. The only hope is escape, even if its family.

The robots are the ultimate slaves, to socialize us to be like them. A trillion automated voices ring in our collective consciousness compounded by the innovation of those that seek their perfection to the extent that it traps us all within the labor camp ruled by the most hideous monsters among us...

The vampires are the parasitic batshit debaucherous authorities to the hive that commands and maintains the mayhem for every being around them. They will drain blood, parts, souls, art, and sex from their livestock. Authority is metered out and large quantities fester on those ancient families of deception and brooding darkness. The stake they fear, is the stake of justice to destroy their endless predatory pursuits. Could they ever survive without blood? Have they ever? Do they want to? Will they try everything to get you to stay and kill you if you try to leave? How deep can their dark abuse wander? How long can we afford to let them?



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