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Submitted by GrimWillow in Poetry

I Can Be That Change

White girl in the backrow
Getting depressed
Sleeping through her classes
With her head on the desk
Her parent's think she's dumb
Cuz she can't pass a test
She knows there's more to life
Than dealing with stress

There's a black kid
Walking by the school on the street
The principals watching
Bout' to call the police
He think he's ditching class
Cuz the day ain't complete
Little does he know
He's got a degree

There's a woman walking by him
She's wearing a skirt
The kid walking by's
Just trying to flirt
She looks at his eyes
He looks down at her shirt
It seems he'll never know
How much that can hurt

Later at the store
She's holding the door
As if this old man's too weak
Or his sight is too poor
He says "I'll get it myself
I've done it before"
We don't even respect
Our elders anymore

Outside a woman's loading
Her food in a van
He comes up and asks her
If she needs a hand
She's says I'd love some help
But you must understand
That I don't need your help
Because your a man

All these people
All this hate
I wanna point my fingers
But I think I'm too late
I am these people
I play that game
I've been all these things
I've done all the same

And I'm no less guilty
Than anybody
I look down on people
They look down on me
I can be that change
That I wanna see
It's gotta start somewhere
That's up to me

-Ryan Harvey


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