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i heard a new song today, one of those tragically beautiful melodies that embraces you like a gust of fresh air from the ocean, one of those existential creations shared from the depth of someone's heart, pulling you out of the mundane. we know the author is dead but this song, this song makes you wonder, what could inspire you to bring into existence the sublime ? do these pulsing phrases remind you of your past lovers or, do they think about you as much as you think about them or, did they find beauty in separation like the space between nores.

it was one of those songs that smiles and warmly invites you to stop and listen to the whispers of past and future moments of contemplation, a yearning to reconvene with tender touches and soft serenades. those memories haunt the body from the deepest recesses of the collective unconscious, a way for the wilderness to express their vitality.

i can't love you for a thousand years or more and, i can't miss you forever and, i can't apologize enough but, at least i have these moments of rupture where life feels worth living and my love feels worth giving.



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ukuleleclass OP wrote

the song that inspired this was Master of None by Beach House :)