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It's okay, I kind of just rambled against those who look down on spirituality. Too many so-called rationalists seem to be blinded by their own secular piousness -- only here it's Mankind and not God being put in the spotlight. This can manifest as a staunch defender of civilization who gets drunk on the idea of becoming one with the SiNgUlArItY and more than likely view humans and therefore themselves as a positive program; on the other side you get the edgelord misanthropes who try so hard to play ghostbusters and see themselves as beyond the pleas of civilization... they think they stand on their own and oppose the Other and therefore themselves as a negative program. Both desire the same thing and that is to transcend what they see as the weeds of mankind and therefore manifest as a psudeo-divine right... only it's backed up by science!

There's a lot of other points in there too, but I'm only sure of one thing: I don't know shit.


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The situation looks horrible for them. All that effort--and no give from the other side! At least the military buildup is reportedly only for Chinese propaganda.


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Alex OP wrote

agreed. and identifying as a "nihilist" was something they talked about that i found slightly interesting, and that i think an actual nihilist would find interesting. i would be interested in hearing any nihilist's response to the episode.


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i just finished it. sorry i’ve been listening to it on and off all day.

i wanted to write something thoughtful and complete, but even defining nihilism seems difficult. i think that comes through in the conversation where they try to talk about the different views nihilists have on nihilism itself, and i often found my thoughts being all over the place as i listened.

it was enjoyable as it was frustrating though. as someone who comes from a more existentialist and absurdist point of view nihilism has been interesting to me. they talked about it being different from pessimism and negation which i agree with but the conversation left me more confused than before. maybe i just didn’t enter it with enough background information.

parts i enjoyed were talking about being against everything and what does that mean, talks of buddhism and struggle. i thought the comparison to christianity was a little boring because while it may be true, you can compare so much to christianity and biblical stories. i also thought it was weird that Aragorn mentioned constant struggle when you’ll always lose as kind of a loser strategy because i think it’s weird to frame it in a win/lose binary if you’re talking about people who don’t care.

often i guess i’ve seen nihilism as a (maybe unintentionally) evasive thing, moral nihilists will tell me they don’t care about things, yet i see them continuing to give a shit, but maybe that’s a simplistic misunderstanding. i’m hoping some nihilists on here have some input on the episode.


phantomPower wrote

I'd start by asking a price range and then if you have an external soundcard? If yes, what inputs does it have? If you got an XLR input it's worth talking about mics. If no, why not consider a zoom recorder?


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The SM48 is a cheaper alternative to the SM58 and really not bad at all. Should be paired with a compressor but those can be picked up pretty damn cheap as well. That setup would likely run you about $100. Blue Yeti is terrible but I used the Blue Spark once to record some music and it wasn't bad.