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tnstaec wrote


  • Democracy Now! - weekday news show, liberal-left activist orientation (insufferable during campaign season)
  • Chapo Trap House - irreverent social democrat commentary



  • Revolutions - so far has covered: English Civil War, American, Haitian and South American wars of independence; and now the Revolutions of 1848

Big Picture: I don't even know how to describe these, but they're all great

Also there's some decent programming on community radio stations, some of which are available as podcasts:

If you have a community radio station in your area, look into what it would take to start an anarchist show. The Final Straw broadcasts on community radio, and KBOO used to have an anarchist show


Tequila_Wolf wrote

This is great, thanks! Hoping to add them all in to the main post tomorrow sometime.