Anarchy Bang: Introducing Episode Four - Capitalism

Submitted by aragorn in Podcasts

This week our challenge is to stake our position on Capitalism. Great oppositional system against human self-expression and self-worth or greatest system against? Call in and let us discuss capitalism, it's strength's, which are many, and its weaknesses. What would it take to end the reification of daily life? And to end the alienation that begins at the grocery and ends with an evening of streaming video!

<strong>Join us!</strong>

Sunday at noon (PST) at <a href="">Email questions ahead if you like</a> The <a href="">real time IRC</a> is a chaotic mess (and pleasure). There are better ways <a href="">to connect to IRC but it involves some reading</a>. The call in number is (646) 787-8464 You can also <a href="">send in a recorded message to our email</a> (I'd recommend using


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ziq wrote

Sounds like a good easily-digested topic that will attract lots of callers.


aragorn OP wrote

We'll see, it might just be ppl calling in, saying Capitalism sucks and us saying, True! true.


aragorn OP wrote

Starts is just less than 2 hours. Hope to see many of you there!