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selver OP wrote (edited )

Has anyone read Backwoods? Should I pick it up?

Are there other regular anarchist journals/magazines to keep up with? Black Seed is the only one I get, cause I grab books from LBC from time to time & they send a copy with it.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I'd get it. If you haven't checked out An Invitation To Desertion, (I forget, was there much discussion about it?) that's available online. I enjoyed it.

I don't know much by way of actually running anarchist periodicals at the moment otherwise.


selver OP wrote

Yeah I read that a few weeks ago, I liked it.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I liked how Bellamy talked about how collapse is already far enough in that hunter-gathering is not a lifeway to return to even if that were otherwise desirable, and the comment about it perhaps being not radical enough; that it might do well also to be a back-to-africa thing. But I imagine that hunter-gatherers existed all over the world, including places with rough winters. I don't know.