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Hey, so misleading url, as it's just our website, but here I go as suggested by @TequilaWolf

TFSR started out coming up on 9 years ago as a show on a startup internet radio station in Asheville, NC, USA. It was a means for myself to connect out of the small community I found myself in to the wider world of actions and ideas around anarchy, anti-racism, queer theory, feminism, and more. Along the way I picked up a regular cohost, William, and together we produce a weekly, long-form interview show fit for radio (played on a handful of LPFM stations around the U.S. that we know of) and a podcast. The show has integrated itself into the international A-Radio Network ( which produces the monthly English-language news show, B(A)DNews, as well as the Channel Zero Network of anarchist podcasts (alongside Burning Cop Car, IGDCast, From Embers, Rebel Beat Radio and more,

I've been simply uploading our newest episodes up here to raddle but I'd like to point to a few noteworthy interviews that we've had in the past:

*One that stands out to me was a chat I had with author and technologist, Corey Doctorow on his novel "Walkaway" this year ( Although he doesn't identify as an anarchist, his anti-authoritarian and post-scarcity approach to politics really resonates with our tendency, I think. And he's so damn clever.

*William chatted with Nutty, a tree-sitter in the Hellbender Autonomous Region (WV/VA) blocking the Mountain Valley Pipeline for this episode, while I brought in labor and immigrant organizers in Santa Rosa (CA) to talk about what's up in their scene and IWW organizers in Asheville to announce the local May Day, 2018 (

*Here's William & our occasional guest-host Disembodied Voice speaking with Walidah Imarisha about her recent book, "Angels With Dirty Faces: which grapples with guilt, harm, redemption and forgiveness around the U.S. prison system by telling three, intertwining stories (

  • Finally, as I could go on forever, an episode from 2014 that stands as a favorite due in part to friendships that blossomed from it and in part because of the scope of the storytelling is our first (and subsequent) interviews with activists living on the Zone A Defendre (ZAD) in Notre Dame de Landes in western France's Bretagne region. This first interview features three guests who speak about their experiences on this autonomous, squatted landbase, the projects there, the history of it, the problems of a space without cops, the joys of a space without cops, the music they create and more. Le sigh. (

Anyway, I hope these past episodes interest you. We're always looking for show suggestions. If you like what you hear, share us with someone else. We accept monetary donations, too, but we're not holding our breath as we recognize that capitalism is crushing us all!

Solidarity, Bursts



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Thanks for putting this together, I'll definitely give it a proper look, and I'll sticky it for a bit so that it's highlighted on people's feeds, and mark it as OC.


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Epicalyx wrote (edited )

I listened to the episode on the ZAD today, really enjoyed it and am hoping to show it to some friends who are plucking up the courage to try to occupy some spaces where I am



TFSR OP wrote

So glad to hear! It is/was such a massive project with so many people and their own problems, good to keep in mind. I wish your comrades luck!